Tratti d’Amore. Touches for your eyes, kisses for your heart.

Tratti d'Amore is born from our love for Apulia, her beauties and the professionals who made it up.

We are fully available for intending spouses, companies and local areas.

special weddings

That day is your one day.
It is up to us to make it unique.

fashion events

Travelling events.
A showroom entirely dedicated to you.

concept store

Stylistic and technical consultancy.
For You and for your new retail.

An evening with...
Tratti D'Amore
"Baroque Wedding"

21 September 2014 - Villa San Martino Relais

Opulence, luxury and elegance for weddings inspired by the sumptousness of the 17th century. Refined decorations, chandeliers, mirrors, candle holders, silverware and crystals. Laces and brocades ... golden and purple red details.

Modern trends meet the elegant touches of the ancient times, art, literature, music and dance. You will be the real queen. 


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