5 must do to organize a perfect wedding

The proposal has arrived, but you don’t know where to start? We will help you with our To do List in order to organize your dream wedding.


Choose the style of your wedding

It all starts from here, from the style you want to give to your wedding. It will be the common thread that will unite everything: from the invitations to the wedding favors and up to the decorations and bouquet. You can choose between a minimal, rural, country chic, traditional, princely style. The last trend? The olive-themed wedding, where nature and tradition meet for a simple and refined wedding. 


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Choose the location

Once the wedding style is defined, the choice of the perfect location will be very easy. Do you want a princely wedding? the Villa is the most suitable location. Are you more traditional and nature-loving? choose the wedding in Masseria. Do you dream of a romantic wedding like in American love comedies? Choose the beach wedding.


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Wedding participations are a fundamental element: they will not only be an invitation, but also a reminder for your guests. In addition, the invitations will reveal the style of the wedding, helping them to choose the perfect outfit.


Wedding dress

Whether you have chosen for the wedding in church, or the civil or symbolic ceremony, choose the dress that excites you, that makes you feel beautiful and comfortable. You can think of a double dress: one for the ceremony and the other for the reception. Remember: always consider the style and theme of the wedding. Are you in a Villa and want to live a fairy tale? Consider the princely dress. Beach wedding? go for the mermaid dress.


Bouquet and wedding favors

Two basic details. The bouquet will be with you in many moments… and photos! Try to match it with the colors of the theme you have chosen. An example? For the olive-theme, choose pastel-colored flowers and also include in your bouquet the olive branches. The result? a natural touch, that will give elegance and sophistication to the entire floral composition. Also, you can place some branches in your hairstyle as a crown, for a perfect country-chic wedding. As for the wedding favors, in this case, you could choose a typically Apulian ceramic oil-cruet. Give space to imagination, but remember: every element of the wedding must be coherent.


Here are our 5 must do to start planning your wedding. There are still many things to consider and plan. Contact Marina, the wedding planner of Tratti d’Amore for a memorable and special wedding.


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