How to organize a memorable event in 3 simple steps

Are you planning an Event? Discover how to organize a memorable event in 3 steps.


There are many reasons why you may want to organize an event, from the opening of a new store to the launch of a brand, a birthday and up to the end of the year corporate party. There are many types of events and to organize a memorable one you must start from 4 basic questions.

Who, what?
Answering this question is crucial to understand the type of event and the objectives. It may seem obvious, but establishing the reason for the event can help you:

  • Define the type (what?);
  • Define the target (who?).


Never choose a random date. Think about your business, seasonality, and the different celebrations of the period. Also, consider a day and time when people can participate. Usually, it is best to organize an event on the weekend, in the afternoon. But be careful, it all depends on the type and location of the event.


Another important element to consider is the location: indoors or outdoors? Consider the spaces, the planned activities – such as moments of leisure, buffet, live music, fashion shows – and last but not least, the decorations and fittings.


Rely on event specialists and create a memorable event.

What the event planning service signed by Tratti d’Amore offers:

  • Organizing secretariat;
  • Location search;
  • Hostess & steward;
  • Logistics;
  • Arrangements;
  • Catering;
  • Graphic project;
  • Photographic and video services;
  • Sponsor search.

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